Fake News

Fake News no. 3 (Photograph by Adnan Hajj released by Reuters- Photograph altered in Photoshop to darken and clone smoke to exaggerate bombing damage by Israeli warplanes, Beirut, Lebanon, 2006)

Fake News is a series of digital collage works which seek to illustrate photography’s alchemical ability to turn lies into truths. Historical and contemporary examples of photographic materials that have been altered in substance or meaning are juxtaposed with cut pieces from a painter’s palette, creating a distorted view of the images and reinforcing the often overlooked creative/subjective nature of photography. Using Dadaist modes of creation (collage, appropriation, and film) this work situates itself within the existential worldview of the Dada movement and explores the idea of the machine made object in the digital age.

Truth & Lies
Digital Media 

Fake News no. 1 (Released by the official online news site of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Photograph altered in Photoshop to conceal missile misfire, Iran, 2008)

Fake News no. 2 (Released by the Former Soviet Union - Photograph retouched to omit Nikolai Yezhov, once the Chief of the Soviet Secret Police, after he confessed to anti-Soviet activities, Former Soviet Union, 1940)

Fake News no. 4 (Photograph by Alexander Gardner - Gardner staged images using a dead soldier's body in multiple locations and arranging it for each photograph, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863)

Fake News no. 5 (Video Tweeted by Donald Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz. Gaetz's caption suggests that Honduran migrants were given money to join the caravan, funded by George Soros. Five days later bombs found at Soro's home - Guatemalan video, USA, 2018)

Fake News no. 6 (Photograph shared on Facebook by Donald Trump - Photograph altered in Photoshop to slim Mr. Trump's figure, USA, 2018)

Fake News no. 7 (Photograph by Levin C. Handy - Photograph altered using darkroom techniques to combine 3 photographs into one depicting a Civil War event that never happened, USA, 1902)

Fake News no. 8 (Photograph of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency bus filled with child seats shared on social media as a depiction of Trump's immigration policy - Photograph was first published April 29, 2016 under Obama, USA, 2018)

Fake News no. 9 (Photograph shared on social media with the caption "Mexican police are being brutalized by members of this caravan as they attempt to FORCE their way into Mexico" - Photo was taken in 2012 at a student protest in Mexico, USA, 2018)

Fake News no. 10 (Image shared on social media with caption "Supporters of the DNC are donating money to create caravans" - Image was video still filmed by Anne Laurent, a freelance journalist in Mexico, no info tying trucks to Americans, USA, 2018)