Sead Microplanters   

Making our world a cleaner, greener place.

Biophilic Design
Adaptive Architecture
Vertical Gardening
Urban Biology

Sead Microplanters convert chain link fencing into lush vertical gardens, using 100% recycled plastic.

Sead Microplanter’s first product, the Model-A, is a revolutionary new invention that uses 100% recycled plastic to convert chain link fencing into lush vertical gardens in one easy step. The Model-A gives people a quick and easy way to transform any urban space into a green haven, while embracing a cyclical plastic economy that cleans our environment of single use plastic waste.

The Model-A

“The Model-A represents a new way of thinking about green design in an urban context. By reimagining existing architectural elements like chain link fencing as a tool in the fight against climate change, we’re able to leap into the green movement immediately, fighting climate change at the grassroots level and making our cities cleaner, healthier, and more livable—right now.” 

Sead Microplanters was founded as a reaction to the sluggish response of government and multi-national companies to the emergency of climate change. As a young, creative, and somewhat impatient person person, Sead’s founder Bryan Meador was frustrated by the lack of urgency surrounding this issue. “Our generation is first to be born into Climate Change. This crisis is not hypothetical to us, and we’re tired of waiting around for others to address this issue in a meaningful way.”

Using 3d printing and rapid prototype development, Sead Microplanter’s Model-A was designed, manufactured and released in less than 6 months. “We’re inspired to take up this fight by young people like Greta Thunberg, who said, 'I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is,' That quote is printed large in our studio to serve as a daily reminder of what is at stake. Seads is a brand with a mission; to create long term sustainable solutions for life in an environment that’s changing more quickly than it ever has.”

Sead Frames enable people to harness the power of Sead Microplanters whether or not they have to a
chain link fence.

By harnessing the CO2 conversion that plants accomplish naturally, Sead Microplanters enable people to begin the larger process of CO2 sequestration at the grassroots level while governments and multi-national companies figure out how to scale this process up to an industrial scale. Sead Microplanters also cool and clean the air we breathe by introducing more plants into our polluted urban spaces. As well, Sead Microplanters were conceived, designed, and manufactured in the New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, eliminating the need for dirty international shipping in its manufacturing supply chain.

True to its mission as a provider of grassroots solutions to a global problem, Sead Microplanters is funding its initial wide release of the Model-A through a Kickstarter campaign. To purchase your own Sead Microplanters, go to Kickstarter.com/SeadMicroplanters. You can also sign up for our newsletter at PlantSeads.com and follow us on Instagram at @lilseads